Lightroom Presets Volume 2

What a great addition to Lightroom Presets Volume 1! Again, these lighting presets take your final images to another level and instantly add appeal and ease to your editing process.
Light Room Presets Volume 2 represent some of the latest presets that we use in our studio.

Lightroom Presets Volume 2

Lightroom Presets Volume 2


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Light Room Presets Volume 2

These presets are compatible with Lightroom 2.0 and higher. Light room presets are an essential photo editing tool that will allow you to maintain a consistent look to your editing. They also make your workflow fast! Volume 2 includes presets with a vintage twist. They accurately emulate some of the earliest vintage processes from years past.

As always, these presets are customizable to your liking. Get ready to change the way you edit with this amazing editing tool!

At just $84, these presets are a steal because they give instant, appealing results that you’re clients will love! These presets come with an instructional PDF, making this product an even more attractive buy


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