Luxe Textures Volume 2

You may already know that digital textures are a must for today professional photographer. And, if you’re just learning photo editing, these tools are something you’ll want to grab!

Luxe digital texture set volume 2 contains our latest set of amazing textures for adding a vintage or retro look to your images. We use on many of these textures on our photographers here at Hayne Photographers studio.

Luxe Textures Volume 2

Luxe Digital Textures Set Volume 2


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This Luxe Digital Texture Set Volume 2 includes:

These textures are easily and creatively applied inside of Photoshop. The images are high resolution 11×14 300dpi images.

Just as in our Luxe Digital Texture Set Volume 1, this set comes with a 30-minute instructional video. The video explains the methods of applying these amazing textures to enhance your photographers.

This set is priced at only $44. The digital textures alone are great value. But, because this set comes with 30 minutes of instruction. It’s an incredible value that makes this product stand apart from the rest.

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